\ How to care for the Sisiya face mask /

Put face masks in Ziploc bags etc.
Put a little laundry detergent in it.
Please check the instruction manual of your laundry detergent, for amount of detergent.
③つけ置き(A) 5~10分ほど「つけ置き」します。
Soaking. (A)
Soak face masks in water or lukewarm water for about 5 to 10 minutes.
③つけ置き(B) ダイレクトにトレー等で「つけ置き」も OK !
Soaking (B)
It is also OK to soak them directly in a tray etc.
④水やぬるま湯で洗います。 優しく指で生地に沿って洗ってあげてください。
Wash with water or lukewarm water.
Gently wash with your fingers along the fabric.
⑤優しくしぼり形を整えます。 内側の生地を少し内側にし、ピンっ ! と優しく張ります。
Gently squeeze and shape.
Put the back fabric a little inside, and gently stretch.
⑦干します。 換気の良い場所で陰干しします。
Dry in the shade in a well-ventilated place.
I was able to wash them cleanly.
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I wash them separately for whitish fabrics and blackish fabrics.

* To prevent color transfer.

Due to the characteristics of the fabric, they will shrink, distort, and fade as you wash them.

I want to make them last a little longer, so I wash them this way.

Depending on the fabric, ironing may not be necessary.

If they shrink a little, you can iron them and they will return a little.

* When ironing, apply a piece of cloth to the backside and keep it at low to medium temperature.

* If the outer material has a thermocompression-bonding sticker such as a family crest, direct ironing is strictly prohibited, so please be careful.

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