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とにもかくにも、敬愛している方々をモチーフにするのですから、これは大切に作らない訳にはいきません !





お手にして下さいました方々のステキな何かのキッカケのひとつとなりましたらコレ幸いと想い、イメージを膨らませつつ製作しています、はい !


In 1999,I met the history of the end of the Edo period, and became interested in it. Then I visited historic sites, and the image spread while feeling the afterglow of that time, and I was touched each time.


I can't help but make my works carefully, because the motif is the people I admire!

All my works are humbly made with respect to them.


I direct the production by myself, in order to design and shape what I can imagine, based on carefully handmade one by one using the materials that I was able to meet.

And I am making while expanding the image, hoping that my works will be one of the wonderful things of the people who got them, Yes!

I pray the "circle" will spread between people through my works.

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